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Jérôme Ortscheidt

Jérôme Ortscheidt holds a PhD in private law and an LLM in International Business Law (London School of Economics), and was a lawyer at the Paris Court of Appeal between 2000 and 2008. Since then, he has been a lawyer at the Conseil d’Etat and Court of Cassation. He practises in all branches of public and private law and, more specifically, in business law (contracts, competition, tax law, criminal business law, corporate law, liability, collective proceedings, intellectual property), insurance law and labour law. He has also acquired sound expertise in arbitration law and in public and private international law.

After his PhD (La réparation du dommage dans l’arbitrage commercial international [Damages in international commercial arbitration], preface E. Gaillard, Nouvelle Bibliothèque de Thèses, Dalloz, 2001), he published many articles, particularly on arbitration. He is also co-author of a column called Droit de l’arbitrage [Arbitration law] in JCP and a book (Droit de l’arbitrage interne et international [Internal and international arbitration law], Montchrestien,2nd ED 2019) that received the Cercle Montesquieu award.

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Stéphanie Billaud

Phd, Member of the Paris Bar

Pierre Callé

Professor of Law at Paris-Sud University (Paris XII)


Marion Cottet

Professor of Law at the University of Western Brittany

Docteur en Droit

Vanessa Cubero-Ortscheidt

Member of the Paris Bar


Julien Dubarryy


Professor at Sarre University

Helena Houbron

Phd, Member of the Paris Bar

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