Practice areas


SARL Jérôme Ortscheidt, lawyer at the French Conseil d’Etat and Court of Cassation, represents clients before the Court of Cassation and the Conseil d’Etat in all matters.
The firm has acquired skills in a wide range of areas so that it can offer clients useful advice, in-depth analysis and creative solutions in an increasingly complex and constantly changing legal environment.


SARL Jérôme Ortscheidt also practises before the Constitutional Council in support of Priority Preliminary Rulings on the issue of constitutionality.
The firm assists and represents clients before administrative courts (court of first instance, court of appeals), financial courts (Budgetary and Financial Disciplinary Court, Cour des comptes, Regional and Territorial Chambers of Accounts) and independent administrative authorities (Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution, Competition authority, Autorité des marchés financiers, etc.).
SARL Jérôme Ortscheidt also represents clients before the European Court of Human Rights and the courts of the European Union (General Court, Court of Justice of the European Union).


SARL Jérôme Ortscheidt also offers legal counsel services to assist clients in pending litigation before State courts and to help them develop and implement litigation strategy. Furthermore, the firm offers advisory services and representation before arbitration tribunals in internal and international arbitration.